Memorial Day Weekend 2019

I think I can safely speak for most military families when I say that we feel some amount of the deep, heavy sadness of loss and grief every Memorial Day. Many of us have lost friends and loved ones at war and during training exercises. If we don’t know someone personally, we know how lucky we are.

Many of us military families host and attend #MDW parties and celebrate the unofficial start of summer, but we keep the “reason for the season” in our hearts as we celebrate and enjoy our long weekend. We couldn’t live this joyful, free life if it wasn’t for the sacrifices of others – some of whom we had the honor of knowing before they made the ultimate sacrifice. We grieve loss, but we also celebrate their life and our life. We know that it could have been anyone in their place, perhaps including someone even nearer and dearer to us. This can be a very heavy and sad weekend for so many people.

So, if you are a civilian and don’t live the military life 24/7/365, please take a moment during your celebration this weekend to pour out a beer for those who aren’t with us to celebrate, or research one of the heroes lost at war and tell a friend of their sacrifice; speak their name so that they may live on and toast to their sacrifice.

Sending hugs to all those grieving the loss of friends and loved ones this weekend. May you find peace in their memory.

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