TBT Meets Valentines Day

This picture was taken following my husband’s last flight as an instructor pilot before we PCS’d to Japan 7 years ago. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long. I was still a super green Navy wife, not yet a nurse, my blog was just a few months old, and I was just barely keeping my head above water in our new Navy life together. I didn’t even know I could watch his last flight, and he didn’t think of it until he was taking off. His CO’s wife happened to be at the squadron that day and texted me to see if I was going to be there for the landing. I was at the gym on base, and I scrambled off a treadmill and went straight to this picture. This day was one of my big “a ha” moments in realizing that our community of spouses needs more practical information at our disposal.

So, happy Valentines Day to the man who makes me laugh with joy every single day, who is the most caring and loving provider I could have ever hoped to marry, and who still surprises me with his interests and kindness in so many big and small ways. It’s a bonus that he has a really cool job, but I’d have married him if he had a boring one instead. Heck, it would have been easier if he had a boring job!

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