Fly Navy Information

After a long hiatus, my husband and I decided to re-open my blog with a new purpose.  Previously, I primarily used this blog as a personal diary with a secondary purpose of conveying information about the #FlyNavy community. After meeting women in the past few months who recognized me from my blog and told me how immensely helpful my blog was to them as their then-boyfriends/now-husbands journeyed through Navy flight school, I started wondering if I should put my blog back online with the sole purpose of conveying information.

I’ve now scrubbed this blog of almost all of my previous personal posts. My plan is to continue providing an informational outlet about Fly Navy stuff – all the stuff nobody tells families and significant others, yet we are somehow magically expected to know: what to wear to certain kinds of events, gift ideas for folks in the Fly Navy community, deployment-related topics, flight school-related topics, the career path of flight crew, the career path of non-flight crew squadron officers, attending Tailhook as a spouse/significant other, last flights with the squadron, informational topics about flying a jet, and anything else I think of or someone suggests. I’ve already talked with a few potential guest-writers, including female flight crew (woohoo!).  I’d love to talk a lot more about the great relationships that can be formed between female spouses/significant others and females in the squadron. Historically there has been a huge divide between the female officers and female significant others, and it’s time for that to end.

My comments are always open and I’m very receptive to post ideas. Also please note that the site address is now vs the previous navylifeofapilotswife. I created an Instagram account for this blog (@navylifeofapilotswife), though I’ve yet to update it with anything. Maybe today is the day!

A brief personal update: my husband just finished his department head tour, and we are about to move on to the next stop in his career (we are leaving in 5 days, as a matter of fact!). The below photo was taken a few days ago at his “last flight” with the squadron. I am now a NURSE! I finished nursing school during Michael’s last deployment and I am so proud of myself for seeing it through. I’ve been working as a nurse locally for the last 7 months, and I’m excited to see what I can find near our next base. I don’t have a specialty yet; I was working in adult med-surg nursing (like general hospital nursing), and I’m thinking about trying for pediatric next – maybe pediatric oncology. I did a few weeks in a peds oncology unit during nursing school clinicals, and I loved it. We now have two corgis, and we are excited to stop at a National Park with them next week during our cross country driving adventure.

Cheers – and as always, thank you for reading ❤


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