Aircraft carrier life for the sci fi nerds among us (me).

My husband and I have been watching Battlestar Galactica for the past two weeks. It sounds super nerdy (it is), but it’s also a great representation of what life on an aircraft carrier is like. The “battlestar” is a futuristic space aircraft carrier, complete with a CAG, CIC, flight ops, squadrons, and all kinds of Naval aviation stuff. My husband appreciates that it’s mostly accurate, to a point where it’s humerous. For example, catapults are used to launch the space-jets into space from the battlestar. Catapults would be extreme overkill in space, but it’s accurate for the current, sea-based Navy! Also, some of the inner components of the space-jets are identical to the inside of a F-18. It’s a lot of fun watching the show with him because I’m learning about what he does for all those months he’s deployed … which is coming right up … again … 😦 

FYI – it’s not available on Netflix. We found a (legal) website that has all the seasons. I’ll post the site later because I can’t think of the name right now. 


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