My 2015 deployment playlist.

I love creating deployment playlists and I make one for every deployment. Since today is my first day alone in this deployment cycle, I went for a long walk and thought about what I might want to include in this year’s list. Not all of my choices are military/deployment oriented, but the songs remind me of my husband and other important things.

Here’s what I came up with – it has an international flair:

This video reminds me a bit of the book Canterbury Tales. Weird video, but great music.

An oldie but goody!

Someone may or may not have caught me singing along to this song today while I was walking. Hilarious.

Such a perfect deployment love song!

Our wedding song 🙂 Gotta include this one!

I don’t have many new songs on this list, which sets it apart from the other lists I’ve made for previous deployments. Maybe it’s my mood today, or maybe I’m getting used to his comings and goings, so I’m mellowing-out about everything. Time will tell!

Listening to all this music reminded me of one of my goals that I set for myself for this upcoming PCS — I want to learn the sitar or harp.

In case you’re interested, here is my 2013 list:

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