Department Head (DH) screen results are out!

I took down the link to the DH list because (a) it appeared to be broken for some readers (sorry!) – and – (b) it listed the names of the promoted DHs, and I figured people may not appreciate having their names published. I don’t want to add to the threat of ISIS learning of our identities, etc.

Now, we are awaiting Orders. I’m grinning like a fool over here!

The bonus message still hasn’t come out, and a lot of selected DHs, including my husband/us, are waiting for that. Hurry up, Navy. It came out April 8th last year, and that was a month later than the previous year.

In non-Navy news, we are attempting to buy a car this weekend! We are having loan issues because banks don’t like to give auto loans to people living overseas. This includes USAA, which is a ridiculous policy given that we’re stationed here, not living here voluntarily, and they’re supposedly *so* military friendly. The dealer, who I’ve purchased a car from in the past, won’t do financing with us because we’re overseas. Companies need to get it together.

My dad found us a beautiful vehicle at a deep discount because it’s been sitting on the dealer’s lot for +80 days. He test drove it for us this morning and the dealer gave us until Monday to figure it out. Normally we would not purchase a vehicle 2 or more months before we move back to the States, but the deal is too good to pass up, especially on a fully loaded vehicle. We are only looking for a $15k loan. It shouldn’t be this difficult, especially with our excellent credit! Take our money, y’all. Take it, so we can get this car.

*Since this post was put on blast on a national wives’ club page this morning, I figured I should add a few comments. My original link was to, who had a link to the official Navy department head list. I never posted anything that broke OPSEC. If you think I shouldn’t have posted the list, I agree with you after I gave it some thought. However, reposting a list that was made public by THE NAVY doesn’t break OPSEC. Now you know!

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