1. Oh. My. Gosh. Your dog HAS to be the fluffiest, cutest corgi out there! Makes me wonder if our dog is part corgi too haha. I totally want a corgi as fluffy as yours someday!

    1. She’s just a regular fluffy corgi! Her coat is considered a genetic defect, and, unless the fluffy coat is specifically bred-out of a lineage, most corgi litters have at least 1 fluffy 🙂 She was in a litter of 7 or 8 little ones, and there was 1 other fluffy in her litter. They’re usually sold by breeders at a reduced rate because they cannot become show dogs (or the breeders refuse to adopt them out because they’re so darn adorable). If you ant a fluffy, I recommend working with a breeder. Sure, the dog will be a little expensive, but your fluffy would be hardy, healthy, and extremely fluffy, like Norma! It also helped to know her parents. She had her dad’s personality, and the owner of her father reached out to me and gave me tons of training advice. The breeder we worked with owned her mom, and her mom has a very mellow, sweet personality. Norma was super rambunctious and crazy as a puppy, just like her dad! Sorry about responding with a whole novel here, but I love love love talking about my dog 🙂 🙂

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