Sakura (cherry blossom) season in Japan!

We are enjoying our 3rd sakura season in Japan. This is my favorite time of year here. Trees are abloom with light pink rosiness, and soon the ground will be littered with delicate pink petals. In fact, it will, quite literally, rain the delicate pink petals in a few days.

Last year I promised myself that we would have a sakura photo shoot with a professional photographer, one of the most popular things to do amongst the Americans who live on base here. After some discussion with my husband, we decided, instead, to take our own pictures with the assistance of our dear friends, Tripod and Auto Timer. My husband is an amateur photographer, so we own a ton of fancy photography equipment. Why not put it to use?

Last night we determined that the trees in our desired photo areas are in full bloom (we’ve been doing creepy drive-bys of the photo areas for days! haha). This morning, I woke up at 5:45 to start getting ready. My husband had a morning flight, so we needed to finish our photos by 8am.

I’m sure we were very funny to watch. We would pose for the picture and then run back to the camera to check the picture/background/etc. We only took 23 pictures, but we ended up with a few especially nice pictures. I posted one of them below.

We were so happy with our photos that we decided to do it again tomorrow or Thursday morning. For our next shoot, we’ll go off base to a sakura-lined street next to a river.

Here are some sakura pictures:




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