Deployment care package ideas for pilots, flight officers, & flight crew.

I enjoy putting care packages together for my husband when he’s deployed. One thing I’ve learned is to only send what he will use or can consume and nothing extra.

Sure, all service members appreciate and cherish the themed care packages that are so popular on Pinterest and blogs, but the real question is if the service member can use or eat all the contents, or if much of the care package will be thrown away due to a lack of storage space.

Here are some tried-and-true care package ideas:

– new bedding

– shirts he can wear under his flight suit. I send him fun shirts, like this outstanding tee shirt from Ranger Up

– new underwear and socks

– a picture or two

– favorite chips and salsa, cookies, and other consumables

– Lysol and disinfecting wipes

– magazines

– a “mix” CD with the latest popular music on it

– new toothbrush heads or a new toothbrush

– cards and letters

– DVDs of newly released movies

– anything they specifically request


– a trash bag inside a trash bag inside a well-taped box

– for food, original packaging or throw-away containers

– USPS box, plain brown box, or a box wrapped in brown paper

– mailing address and return address in permanent black marker

– pre-wash all clothes and bedding

What NOT to send:

– alcohol or any controlled substances

– boxes with logos on it — always send in USPS or plain brown boxes, or wrap the box in brown paper

– keepsakes, valuables, and items with glass packaging

– enormous or tiny boxes. If the box is very small, put it inside a mailing envelope

– illegal goods of any kind, including pirated movies and software

– posters and big wall calendars, unless they specifically request it

– pornography, including pictures of you

*all deployed service members will be in serious trouble if they are caught with alcohol, illegal goods, or pornography, so don’t send that stuff!

Any other ideas, readers? 🙂


  1. I love themed packages…I’d probably do them more if my husband was gone…I used to send a box once every two weeks or once a month when he was gone…Lots of homemade cookies and whatever gear he couldn’t get where he was!

  2. Found your blog a while back and I’ve really enjoyed reading it, its been a wealth of information! Thanks so much 🙂

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