Changes to the LCDR Selection Process.

It happened … the Navy decided to make some changes to how it selects aviation community O-4s for the 2015 selection board. My husband was selected in the 2014 board, but some of our friends who were “in zone” were not.

Here is Ask Skipper’s comments on the changes to the selection process. I enjoy his commentary in part because he encourages discussion on his blog. I also enjoy his commentary because, as someone who isn’t an expert on the Navy and all of its processes, I sometimes need someone to explain things to me using small words. If you’re like me, you’ll appreciate his post.

Enjoy — and best luck to those of you who have loved ones in zone for the 2015 board!

For more information about how the LCDR selection process works and the previous situation with the LCDR selection boards, please click here. I’ve posted about this topic extensively and provide lots of helpful links! 🙂

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