Great news for those of us waiting for the DH board!

Great news for those of us who are waiting on orders from the Department Head Board! We’ve been hearing that the DH board will be convening EARLY this year, so we may receive orders as early as June.

Of course, I’m still setting my clock to July, because you know how long the military takes to do anything ……..

But seriously, folks, we may know where we’re moving next and our significant others’ deployment schedules a lot sooner than we thought!

Oh, happy day.

June is still 5 months away, but I’m already excited to see what the Navy has in store for us.

Hopefully my husband makes DH in the first round, and hopefully we’ll get our first or second choice for location/type of squadron. In the F-18 community, there are a few types of squadrons (2 seater, single seater, baby hornet, etc). DH candidates give the detailer a location or type of squadron preference. The Navy isn’t bound to honor those requests, but sometimes it works out. No location or squadron is bad for us or anyone, though NFOs (Navy Flight Officers) have more limited opportunities because they can only go to 2-seat squadrons.

The trouble with 2 seat squadrons is that there is a lot more competition amongst the DHs for the #1 EP. That #1 EP is so elusive and important because a #1 EP puts the officer on track to be the CO (Skipper) of a squadron. I don’t know that it’s possible to be a Skipper without a #1 EP.  On the other hand, some people don’t care about becoming skipper, even if they want to stay in. Not being skipper means that they can pursue other jobs within the Navy, related to aviation and unrelated. It’s all about what the officer wants for his or her career.

Like I’ve said before, no job within the military is bad or good. Everyone plays an important role, from the E-1 new recruit to the most senior officers. Every job as pros and cons and a different quality of life.

So, that’s the story! Time to get ready for my day. Have a good Wednesday, y’all!

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