A good friend recently started the group AFG 2 USA to assist with the difficult task of finding Afghan military interpreters work in the USA.

Some Afghan citizens who spoke English assisted our service members during OEF in Afghanistan. They provided a service to us that was critical: they enabled our people to communicate with their people and vice versa.

My friend is a Operation Enduring Freedom veteran and spent a lot of time helping his interpreter and his interpreter’s family escape certain-death at the hands of the bad guys in Afghanistan. You see, as our forces pull out of Afghanistan, the bad guys are systematically murdering everyone who helped us there. And, not only are they murdering our friends, but also our friends’ loved ones. Entire families and villages are being slaughtered. THAT is who we were fighting in Afghanistan; THAT is the great risk Afghan interpreters took in order to help us.

If you’re interested in this worthy cause or are someone in the position to provide assistance on the job front, please visit the AFG 2 USA FB page (link below).

It takes YEARS to bring the interpreters to the USA on a work visa, even with service members sponsoring them and with the interpreters in imminent danger. The interpreters arrive ready and willing to work so that they and their family can stay in the safety of our awesome country.

This is a big, important thing my friend is doing. Please take a moment to hop over to his FB page and give it your support.


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