Tightening-up social media security.

Is anyone else tightening-up their social media security based on the increased ‘lone wolf’ ISIS threats to military families?

According to AFN, the military is telling its personnel to be extra cautious this holiday season and to have increased PERSEC and OPSEC (see the top bar of this page for further information on those two terms). I roll my eyes at alarmists normally, but with ISIS being the brutal force that it is, it seems like a good idea to take extra precautions right now.

I made my Instagram account private today, which made me sad because I was using it to connect with other cross stitchers. I also tightened up my photo sharing settings on Facebook. Does anyone know how I can prevent my friends from seeing pictures other people tag me in? Is that even possible nowadays? Hm.

It’s a crazy world that we live in. We are so connected with others, for better or for worse.

Update: After talking to my husband, I changed my Instagram account back to my real name and made it public again, even though I post pictures of my husband in his uniform, etc. My husband feels that the most important thing is that I’m not posting real-time location information or personal information (like where we live, etc). Basically, I will stop posting pictures in real-time (everything will be a “#latergram”). I changed all of my FB settings to the most strict security, though, and it will stay that way going forward.

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  1. I haven’t tightened up my social media, per se. I don’t normally post any personal information about myself though. I’m fairly generalized about where we live, I don’t use my actual name on things I have on public. For my facebook which is where people REALLY know me, I have that super locked down. I definitely don’t tag myself at locations because those things can be found just by searching for the locations themselves instead of for you. I’d just be very careful about talking about what our husbands are doing, where they’re going, when they are coming and going exactly, that sort of thing.

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