Promotion Day.

It’s Promotion Day! My husband technically puts on O-4 tomorrow, but his pay increase starts this month, as does his new rank. Since it’s December 1, it’s his first day as an O-4 (a LCDR).

I’m very proud of him. He’s put over 10 years into his career; deployed 4 (5?) times; PCS’d more times then typical in the first 10 years of a military career; not only made it through flight school, but was selected for F-18s (his goal); and he did almost all of that as a single man. Besides the career stuff, he’s a wonderful husband, my very best friend, an emotional rock, a person with an incredible amount of personal integrity, a natural mediator, and a good human. I am so proud of him.

Life is good today.

Update: here’s a post-promotion picture of us with his new rank! Sorry, this is the only picture I have without his name/job/location info in the picture 🙂 PERSEC and all that …



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