I was inspired by this little quote meme, which was posted on PostSecret’s Facebook page today.


I’m getting settled in our apartment in Japan. A dear friend picked me up last night and we had an awesome evening full of sushi and catching-up. I slept through the night (midnight until 10am!), and I’m feeling pretty good, considering I spent 14 hours and 21 minutes on an airplane yesterday (not that I was counting lol). The plane took the “northern route” – we took off from New Jersey, flew over the North Pole area (WHOA!), and then we headed south to Tokyo.

Now that deployment is winding-down, my goal in the next few days is to thoroughly clean and put the house in order. We aren’t positive what day my husband will be home, but it’ll be soon … and “soon” is good enough for me 🙂

I’m still slowly chipping-away at my counted cross-stitch project! I’ll post an updated picture of it later. I’m really proud of my progress. I love creating things, and doing counted cross stitch requires so much concentration that I am able to escape sadness, loneliness, and other “deployment” feelings. Big thanks to my friend Monica for suggesting cross-stitch as a deployment coping mechanism so many years ago.

What do you do to pass the time while your loved one is deployed or away? Do you do any crafts or hobbies?

Update: here’s my latest cross-stitch progress picture!



  1. Looks great! Wow on back background is extra difficult and time consuming!! Can’t wait to see finished product!

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