LGBTQ military spouse & milso social resources.

Hi all! I’m reaching out to the wider community for resources 🙂

I have a few readers who are in LGBTQ relationships with service members. I’m looking for blogs and other social resources to pass along to them, and but I’m finding that resources are few and far between. Do you know of any blogs, FB pages, Tumblr, websites, or Twitter accounts that are run by LGBTQ milsos or milspouses? If so, please leave a comment on this post!

Thanks so much!

Here is what I’ve found so far:

LGBT-Milso Tumblr

… and that’s it.

LGBT military-centric non-profit organizations:

Military Partner Association

Military Freedom Coalition works to lift the ban on transgender service, but it’s not specifically milso-related.

… and that’s it.

I’ll update this post with resources as I find them.

I think any type of person in any type of military relationship can read any military spouse/significant other blog and take something positive from it. I have plenty of male readers, and some of them are civilians who are married to female service members. I talk about “husbands” and “spouses”, but that’s because a husband and spouse is my experience. What I write about, though, is universal to all of us. However, I think it’s important that people in each community, be it girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, and wives, have a place where their normal is, well, normal. Personal connections and feeling like you’re a part of a wider community is good for the soul.

**Because there are a lot of bitter and hateful people on the internet, I imagine that I’m going to get flamed by at least a few close-minded individuals who randomly come across this post. Your comments will not be given a place here, so move along or don’t be disappointed when your comments aren’t made public. This is my personal blog and space, and just because it’s public on the internet doesn’t mean that you have a right to post your opinion here. I’m here to help people, and your comments do not help people. Thank you, and have a lovely day!

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