Attention new spouses, fiancées, & those hoping to marry your service member significant other.

I am writing an article for a publication 🙂 The editor tasked me with compiling a list of questions that new military spouses have but are afraid to ask.

Please send me your question ideas 🙂 No question is silly or stupid. Trust me, I still have a long list of questions that more seasoned spouses might think are silly or stupid!

If you don’t want to publicly post your question, you can email it directly to me at!

Thank you so much for your ideas!


UPDATE: I’ve received several questions (all fantastic) from readers, and I’m hoping to receive more 🙂 So, please send any questions you have my way! Thank you so much. Once the publication posts my article, I’ll link it back here. I will NOT use your name or link the question to you, so have no fear of that happening 🙂


  1. My Circumstances are a little bit different than a normal active duty person. But, some of the first questions we had, was how do we go about making our marriage official with the DOD, VA etc. Navigating all the forms is a nightmare (and this may just because my husband is wounded recently PRDL), Health Insurance was a tough one to get information on. How do we look at pay on line? Acronyms…. too many to even know what each mean, there needs to be a data base of forms and acronyms :). I could go on and on, will try to make a more compiled list of questions that I had.

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