Military significant other blogs! Post yours here :)

Do you write a blog that features your experience as a military girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband? If so, please post the link to your blog in the comments of this post!

If I don’t already follow you, I’ll give you a follow-back, as will other readers 🙂 Feel free to post your blog in the comments of this post, even if you’ve posted your blog in previous posts like this one!

Thanks! Happy Tuesday 🙂


  1. Navy Wife here, I started blogging when we lived in Spain and we are currently in Hawaii. Lots of travel, to-do types of posts!

    1. Hi Rachel! Thanks for responding to my call for blogs 🙂 Do you know of many other LGBT military couple blogs? I have several friends who are in LGBT relationships where at least one partner is active duty, but none of them maintain public blogs. Thanks 🙂

      1. I don’t, unfortunately! I started my own in an effort to try and connect with others in similar situations. I’m very alone thus far, it seems, in this. I don’t personally know anyone who has a significant other deployed, and I definitely don’t know any who are part of the LGBT community. I’m googling my way toward solidarity in any way. 🙂

        1. I’ll see what I can find, too 🙂 And, hey, now you know me, and my husband is deployed. So, now you know one person whose significant other is deployed 😉

          1. Thank you, it’s definitely been crazy already so I’m about to get some insight and read your blogs! lol … She and I started out as long distance and no sooner had we started looking for our own place to close the distance, did we get the news she was going to be deployed! The wait got longer and the road got tougher but thus far, we’re holding on! 🙂

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