A post from my husband.

After receiving a 2nd particularly mean comment over the weekend, my husband asked if I would post something from him. After posting this, I’m going to move forward like none of this ridiculousness ever happened. It’s totally inappropriate to send a person mean comments and threats, and people who do such things don’t deserve any more of my time or yours. If you have something negative to say to me, sign your name. If you’re not willing to do so, don’t send your comments. Making personal attacks and hiding behind “anonymous” is cowardly.

From my husband: 

Hello to all the readers of “A Navy Life of a Pilot’s Wife”.  This is the “pilot” speaking.  I just wanted a quick opportunity to share how wonderful I think it is my wife takes the time to write this blog, and let ALL of the readers know she 100% has my support in everything she writes, every question she asks, and every story she tells.

I’ve personally met some of you who have benefitted from this blog, and I can assure you both she and I have benefitted from it via the readers as well.  There is much knowledge and insight to be gained through each other’s shared experiences and wisdom.

I have one final thought, which is mostly directed at a specific type of reader.  I fully recognize this blog (like every other blog) is a method for my wife to share what’s on her mind at the time, to express her thoughts or feelings on a subject which has her attention, or perhaps simply to vent about something.  You and I both read this blog knowing we are entering a very personal outlet in a very public forum.  I only mention this because we are a very close-knit community in Naval Aviation, and if my wife’s musings don’t strike your fancy 100% of the time, a response from you mentioning your husband’s job, his potential relationship to me, or your best guess at my feelings on a subject of a blog post are not only out of line, but only serve to embarrass you.  If you can’t take what she writes (and everything else you read on the internet) with a grain of salt, you should probably find something else to do to kill time.

Or, if you’ll permit me to speak to you the way I would to my colleagues in this profession:  Chill the fuck out and don’t be a shitty person over an Internet Blog!

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