Squadron Posters.

Hi all! I am way behind on posting here. I spent a wonderful 5 days in San Diego, and now I am at home with my parents for another 2 weeks. Life is good … minus the fact that I cannot shake this awful sickness. It went from a Navy doc diagnosed “virus” (they were way wrong in that diagnosis) to a sinus infection and bronchitis to what I can now only describe as Hell. But hey, at least I’m at home and seeing civilian docs 🙂

I’m doing a bit of Christmas shopping for my husband tonight on Squadron Posters. They have posters of all of my husband’s bases/squadrons/airplanes since he began his crazy Navy pilot career. I think I’m unusual among my fellow aviation wives in that I am a bit of a plane geek myself (technical term is “avgeek”) and I like jet-centric artwork. So, I’m buying the smaller-size posters of all of his squadrons starting at the very beginning of his career. I envision framing these and hanging them in our family room or maybe his man cave in our next house. We are very casual people, so these could even end-up in our “formal” living room or dining room, though we hope to make our dining room more of a rustic, map-themed room.

Anyway, I just wanted to pass-on the awesome website! Squadron Posters makes posters, tee shirts, and all kinds of fun stuff for military aviation squadrons of all branches, base posters, ship/carrier posters, and all kinds of fun stuff. If your group isn’t represented, you can request one!

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