A case of Stolen Valor.

Last night I was followed on Instagram by some charlatan who claims to be a F-18 pilot who is based on the base where I live.

It’s very easy for criminals to claim to a civilian that they are a fighter pilot, but don’t pull that lie on a fighter pilot’s wife. I can (and am!) verifying that the creeper in question is not, and has never been, a Navy pilot a F-18 pilot. For the record, my Insta account doesn’t say that I’m a pilot’s wife, just a Navy wife. He probably has no idea who he’s dealing with (GOOD!).

Since last night, I’ve learned a few things. First, the Stolen Valor Act of 2005 made it a federal misdemeanor to falsely claim to have earned any military medal or award. Fair.

Unfortunately, that 2005 law was overturned by the US Supreme Court on First Amendment (free speech) grounds! Infuriating.

A new law replaced it; the Stolen Valor Act of 2013 dictates that one can only be convicted if they falsely claim to have earned a medal or award within a specific group of 11 medals and awards. I’m floored. How did this happen?

There are 11 medals that are covered by the Stolen Valor Act of 2013. Fortunately, my impostor “friend” on Insta is also falsely wearing “his” dress whites, which includes a large board of “awards” that he “earned”. I’ll be cross-checking every single one of this awards against this list.

I feel compelled to do all this research because my husband worked DAMN hard for MANY years to become a F-18 pilot in the United States Navy. It’s WRONG for someone to impersonate a F-18 pilot and receive any kind of respect or support when he didn’t EARN the right to receive any of that respect or support. Fuck. That. Guy.

The impostor made the grave mistake of giving a timeline of his service, including his name tag in his photos of himself in uniform, AND he claimed to serve in specific squadrons, which is how I’m going about disproving his claims.

For example, he claims that he was an O-4 in VFA-xxx 2.5 years ago. I happen to know the woman who was that squadron’s XO spouse 2.5 years ago. I messaged her on Facebook, and I assume that I will hear back from her shortly. All of the photos from that time period look photoshopped or stolen, AND he has photos from that time period of people I know, including the man who was DCAG at the time. UNREAL!

I’ll give you all an update when I know more. I’m just, like, completely aghast that this happened. If I can prove that he’s a faker but not enough to initiate legal proceedings against him, I’ll publish his Insta account name. Dude needs to be trolled HARD. I would not be suing him — I’d just be passing his information to the correct legal authorities.

*** UPDATE: here is the asshole and his Instagram account name. His uniforms are wrong and I couldn’t find a single person who knew him during the time he claimed to be in VFA-102. Also, I think that last “selfie” is of the British version of the Blue Angels. Dude knows no national boundaries and assumes that all of us are too stupid to catch his lie. Loser.

IMG_5088 IMG_5089 IMG_5094

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