Navy videos.

Just sharing some of my favorite Navy videos, including a few really good naval aviation videos. Just one of those mornings when I *really* miss my husband and YouTube is my friend 🙂

^^Best cruise video I’ve ever seen … and I’ve seen a lot of cruse videos in the last 3 years. MIYF!

^^If you’re like me and most interested in fun bomb-dropping clips, fast forward to minute 8:30 and watch from there on out. Otherwise, this is a video that honors the Centennial of Naval Aviation and it was produced for the celebratory 2012 Strike Fighter Ball.

^^This video is absolutely fascinating. It shows the activity and jobs on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. I am very interested in the enlisted duties that involve all the hand signals and checking the jet before and after it takes-off. I’ve seen these duties performed in person, and it’s even cooler and more involved when you’re seeing it all first-hand. Also, I imagine that the jobs on the flight deck must be so hot and sweaty. My husband works on the flight deck when he’s not flying. He’s a LSO (light signal officer), so he guides the jets in for landing (their job is most important at night, if the deck is pitching, or if there are visibility issues). LSOs are featured around minute 6:03. It looks like they’re talking on a telephone — that’s actually a radio that connects them with the pilot who is coming in to land. Cool, eh?

^^A video of jets landing on an aircraft carrier from the prospective of the LSO platform. This is my husband’s primary job on the aircraft carrier, and when he’s not doing this, he flies. The first in this video lands, but the 2nd jet is waived-off.

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