Barbie & office toy deployment care package.

My husband will be heading out to sea again soon, so our spouses club organized a fun care package for our guys to carry aboard when they go back to the carrier. Although the package was not 100% my idea, I was asked to organize it.

I collected two types of items: Barbies and office toys.

Since all of our guys work (at least part of the time) in offices aboard the carrier, we purchased indoor golf clubs and golf balls, a “no” button, a mini megaphone that alters the voice, desk-top ping pong and football games, and other fun things they can play with in their offices. These items were my idea.

The Barbies, on the other hand, were not my idea … but I’m excited about their inclusion! The Barbies are part of a fun guessing game we devised specifically for the married staff guys. Members of our spouses club purchased and dressed-up/decorated the Barbies in a way that represented us. I assigned each Barbie a number and made an answer key that correlates the wife and the Barbie. The husbands must guess which Barbie their wife decorated! At first I thought the idea was a silly, but I now think it will be fun to hear if the guys (namely, my husband!) pick the correct Barbies. We had almost-100% participation with the Barbies, so the 12 guys whose wives participated will be hard pressed to choose the right Barbie.


When my husband leaves this time, we’ll go several months without seeing each other – the longest we’ve gone without seeing each other in the time we’ve been together. I can’t go to any port calls this half, so when he leaves, I won’t see him until he comes home. I’m sure everything will be just fine, but I’ll sure miss him.

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