A magnificent 2nd anniversary.

My husband and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary on Saturday night at the Tokyo Ritz-Carlton Hotel. We held our wedding reception at a Ritz-Carlton and were thus entitled to one free night to celebrate our anniversary. We did not use the night last year, so this was our year to use our room freebie …

… and what a freebie it was! WOW. Ritz-Carlton, you outdid yourself. Wow.

We were given THE premium (non-suite) room on the highest level of the building, which happens to also be the tallest building in Tokyo. From our room we had a perfect view of the Tokyo Tower, which is an orange and white replica of the Eiffel Tower. Though it looks a bit far away in our photos, that’s only because of the visual illusion of panoramic photos. We were practically looking down at the Tokyo Tower. It’s quite close to the Ritz-Carlton.

Because our room was on the Executive Level of the hotel, we also had access to the Executive Lounge. The EL serves beverages (including alcoholic beverages!), tea service, and food throughout the day. We purchased dinner in the lobby lounge because we wanted to eat down there, not because we actually needed to (we could have easily filled-up on the EL food!). Otherwise, we spent almost all of our time in the Executive Lounge, enjoying the beautiful view, the food and drinks, and the ambiance.

One of the funny highlights of our night was when we noticed all of the wealthy Japanese & Korean people who probably paid for their access to the Executive Lounge were ordering Budweiser bottles! Gotta love that expensive import! My husband and I were wondering if Irish people feel that way about Americans ordering Guinness or if Japanese people feel that way about Americans ordering Asahi. 

Our dinner in the lobby lounge was lovely, too, and a little more casual then the EL. The lounge has live lounge music nightly, which is QUITE good. I’ve had the luck of staying at the Tokyo Ritz-Carlton a few times (thanks mom and dad!), and the lobby lounge is definitely the place to spend time if you do not have access to the EL. Also, their tea serve is superb. I recommend the lemon ginger tea. It comes in a very pretty tea service set. I wanted to take it home with me!

We love the customer service at the Tokyo Ritz-Carlton. We often comment that the high cost of staying at any Ritz-Carlton is paid-back in customer service, ambiance, and overall experience, but it is even more so at the Tokyo location. At the Tokyo Ritz-Carlton, I also recommend the Dom Perignon Sunday Brunch, which you do not have to be a guest to enjoy (but you do need a reservation!). The pool and gym there are the highest quality I’ve ever experienced in a hotel, and the hotel room bathrooms are heavenly. My husband and I always ogle the bathroom lay-out. Weird, right? Trust me, you would, too! 

Should you ever have the opportunity, I highly recommend staying at the Tokyo Ritz-Carlton. You will not be disappointed.

Our Ritz-Carlton experiences have been SO good that we recently reconsidered our honeymoon and are now eyeing Ritz-Carlton and Bulgari locations; Bulgari is also owned by the Marriott company and is rated even higher then the Ritz-Carlton. We cannot afford to stay long at any Ritz-Carlton or Bulgari location, but we would rather spend 6 superb nights at a dream location then do 10 nights somewhere else. We can’t afford the nicest rooms in the Ritz-Carlton or Bulgari locations either, but, since all the rooms are spectacular and the service and amenities are so fantastic, we will still have an incredible honeymoon; we like luxury, customer service, and ambiance, and we will get those things from those hotels. We like the idea of going to a known quantity and paying a lot with the knowledge that we will get what we want from those hotels, rather then going elsewhere and paying less for a possibly 2nd rate experience. We are eyeing the locations in Bali, and our only requisite for our room is a private pool with the view of the ocean. To me, that’s the apex of luxury — to be floating in one’s private pool while listening to the waves crash on the beach. Done and done.

PS – Our free room cost $1500 PER NIGHT. I can’t believe that the hotel took such amazing care of us … but, that’s how they operate at the Tokyo Ritz-Carlton. They also gave us complimentary desserts and a few other “little touches” in celebration of our anniversary. The stay could not have been any better. Thank you, Tokyo Ritz-Carlton! I will sing your praises everywhere I go. 


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  1. How beautiful! Have always wanted to go to Tokyo, so this will definitely be a hotel to consider! It look lovely! We have stayed at 2 Ritz Carlton hotels before and, as you mentioned, they are nothing short of spectacular. It is definitely worth the extra money to ensure you have the best experience and customer service possible! I had never heard of the Bulgari before you mentioned it, will definitely be checking it out!! Enjoyed your pictures.

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