A perfect evening spent with our wives club.

I spent the evening with the 12 wives who make-up our spouses club. There were howls and tears of laughter. Not a moment of the 4 hours spent together was without smiles or earnest conversation. We did not speak of the deployment, besides passing conversation about upcoming vacation and Christmas plans. We hardly spoke of our husbands, even. This night was about us. We lifted our spirits together. We ate homemade Thai food. We drank 5 bottles of wine. We played a stupid game. We confided in each other. We made new friends and became better friends. Double entendres and hilariously inappropriate conversation topics emerged from every angle. We welcomed a new wife and we missed the wife who recently PCS’d with her husband. We made plans for group events in the coming months. We supported each other. We ended the evening with hugs and joy. We were reminded that we are not alone here.

It was everything I’ve ever wanted in a wives club.

Thank you, friends, for being absolutely perfect.

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