My ring found its way home!

Hi all,

Thanks for bearing with me this week as I took some time off from writing to focus on a medical issue. I’m back, though I may disappear a few more times before this is resolved 🙂

My blog post today is full of great news: MY WEDDING BAND IS BACK ON MY FINGER!

Remember that time I lost my wedding band in the Singapore Airport? A friend of a friend, who is also a military spouse, rescued my ring from the airport lost and found and shipped it MPS (military postal service) to me.

I was OVERJOYED when the MPS box arrived in my mailbox today!!

Together again!!!
Together again!!!

My returned ring is a symbol of our “milso” (military significant other/spouse) network at its finest. A military wife friend saw my post about the lost ring. She had a friend who lived in Singapore and put us in touch. The friend-of-a-friend was able to retrieve the ring from the airport lost-and-found for me the very next day! A few days later, she mailed it to me. It was that easy and perfect, and such a great story in “getting by with a little help from a friend”.

As a military spouse, and especially living overseas on a military base, my daily life is an exercise in giving and receiving help to and from other military spouses. I don’t think a day goes by when I don’t ask for help or give help, and most days that reciprocity occurs a few times. Sometimes it’s in the form of posting a question or request to Facebook – sometimes on my personal page but more often on the base-wide and spouses clubs’ pages. Sometimes it’s in the form of a text, phone call, or even a knock on the door. I check our base-wide and spouse club FB pages at least once a day to see if I can answer any questions, as I, too, go there often to find answers. When I hear of a friend or a friend of a friend in need, I always offer what I can. This is how we get by living overseas on a military base; we help each other on a daily basis.

This is also how our milso network SHOULD operate, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t. We milsos have “hater” FB and Twitter pages that belittle and insult those they view as breaking their version of the milso code of conduct. They make fun of “dependas” and other women they don’t know. It’s sickening. I also hear milsos talking about others in extremely derogatory ways.

We are imperfect humans, but all of us, milsos, should work for a better community. My wedding band was returned to me because of our beautiful network, and I will pay it forward by continuing to do good and promote positivity in our community. I hope you all do, too!

Side note about MPS: The military postal service is a method of shipping items for free between military bases and deployed vessels. I never heard of MPS until we moved here, so I cannot say for sure if MPS is available on military bases located in the USA. MPS sometimes takes longer then the USPS and it’s less accurate (aka things get lost more frequently!), but, since it’s free, it’s a great way for those of us living on overseas bases to ship items to our deployed loved ones. Many PCS-ing sailors ship last-minute items to their stateside sponsors via MPS, too. MPS has its limitations, however; items cannot be shipped to civilian addresses, and there are size, weight, and box restrictions.

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