The FY-15 Active-Duty Navy LCDR Line Selection Boards are OUT!

I woke up this morning to my phone buzzing — friends were texting me the O-4 section board link! It’s out! It’s published! My husband made O-4!

He’s going to downplay it and tell me that “everyone” made it (not everyone makes it). He’s going to tell me that I shouldn’t make a big deal out of it (I’m going to anyway). He’s going to be his usual humble self and I am going to celebrate on his behalf. Not sure what I’m going to do to celebrate yet, but it’s going to happen!

Here is the link to the list!

My husband has a low number next to his name. I’m not sure what that means, so please let me know if you know what the low number means. Maybe it’s their promotion order?


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