Military spouse networking at its finest: the story of how I got my wedding band back.

The story I’m about to tell you about is yet to be finished, but I think that the story up to this moment is so spectacular and astonishing that it’s worth telling despite the unfinished ending.

I don’t think that a single day of my 2 week vacation was cooler then 88*F. When I am hot for a long period of time, my fingers swell. I usually leave my expensive jewelry at home when I travel, but since I was seeing my husband for much of my trip, I decided to wear my engagement ring and wedding band on vacation. The combination of my swelling fingers and rings made for a very uncomfortable time. In Indonesia, I finally had enough pain and managed to remove my wedding band. Once I removed the band, I couldn’t get it back on my finger for the rest of the trip. Before departing Singapore for home, I put my wedding band in my coin purse since I didn’t plan to use any of my coins during my transit home.

Well, putting my band in my coin purse was a horrible idea. While digging in my backpack in a crowded area of Singapore airport, the zipper on my change purse got caught on something, it unzipped, and coins exploded into the air. It was like a cartoon – coins flew into the air in every direction, and my wedding band disappeared. My friend and a random person or three spent 20 minutes on our hands and knees looking for my lost wedding band, but we couldn’t find it. I left a description of the band and my contact information with security at the airport and figured that I’d never see it again. My wedding band is yellow gold with 7 diamonds across the top. Gone forever 😦

Today, 2 days after departing Singapore, I received an email from a customer service representative at the airport … THEY HAD MY WEDDING BAND! Some kind-hearted stranger found my wedding band and turned it in to security instead of pocketing it! I was astonished and overjoyed!

The airport’s rules stated that I had to find a representative to collect my lost item; they would NOT mail me my wedding band. I get it … it’s about security and they’re trying to do the right thing. But … who on earth do I know in Singapore?! Since I don’t know anyone who lives there, I crowd-sourced it on Facebook – I asked on my personal page and on our base spouses’ page. Within 10 minutes, an acquaintance put me in touch with a military wife friend of hers who lives in Singapore! Within 5 minutes of putting us in touch, we were exchanging information and the Singapore friend said that she would go to the airport at 9:30am tomorrow morning to pick-up my wedding band! She said that she would mail it to me tomorrow afternoon! WHOA!

While I was drafting a letter to the airport and scanning my passport (Singapore airport security protocol for picking up items via representative), another military wife friend contacted me. Her husband’s coworker (who is stationed on the base where I live) happened to be in Singapore this week, and he could collect the ring from the Singapore friend and fly it directly to base this weekend!

I spent 4 hours tonight putting together the required documents, emailing all the involved parties (none of whom I knew before this evening!), and shedding a lot of happy tears. It looks like my wedding band will be on its way home very soon!!

I can’t believe that this happened to me. The generosity and kindness of strangers is forgotten in our jaded world. We believe the worst in people, but then something like this happens and we are reminded that there are a lot of good people out there.

Thank you, kind stranger, for giving my ring to security. Thank you, security, for doing your duty and contacting me. Thank you, military spouse network, for networking me with the right people. I am so lucky to belong to this vast network of military spouses. I am incredulous that this worked out for me.

Hopefully all that is left for me to do is to think of how I can repay these wonderful people!! Any ideas?

A photo from last summer when my rings got stuck on my swollen finger. Ouch.
A photo from last summer when my rings got stuck on my swollen finger. Ouch.


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