Navy promotion documents: how to figure out if and when your service member might promote.

If you regularly read my blog, you’ve heard me whine incessantly complain recently about the late-coming O-4 promotion list. Most of my stress has been related to the situation of my husband being deployed and my not knowing where to find information about the promotion process. Under normal circumstances, he would hear about the promotion before the list is released to the public. However, that hasn’t been the case with several of our friends who have been promoted to O-5 or selected for Department Head recently, so I feel like I need to be on the look-out.

Another point of interest in this process is that the O-4 selection is the first time my husband has gone through a review board to promote in his almost-10-year career. Promotions in the Navy from Ensign (O-1) to LTJG (O-2) to LT (O-3) are automatically done on 2 year intervals. Lieutenants (LT) usually stay at that rank for 5 – 7yrs, depending on a lot of factors. My husband has been a LT for over 4 years. So, though we expect him to make O-4, this is still a big deal for us.

It took me about a month of research, but I finally understand where to find information and I *almost* understand the information that I found. Even though I previously worked for the Navy as a civilian, my eyes still glaze-over when I try to read Navy documents that are written to a Navy audience, which is the case with almost all of the promotion documents that I found.

Here are 2 places where you can find resources and information about promotions, regardless of your Navy service member’s rank:
The Navy Detailers’ Facebook Page – Loads of information is posted here, and it’s fairly civilian-friendly.
The official Navy Selection Boards Page – Here, you can find specific information about any type of service member review board.
Official page for Active Duty O-4 Line Officers – this is the specific area where I can find information for my husband’s selection board.
*Line Officer = an officer who is eligible for operational command positions; essentially, someone who fights in a war.
*Staff Officer = an officer who is not eligible for operational command positions; chaplains, medical providers, attorneys, etc.
Official informational page about the FY-15 (Fiscal Year 2015) Active Duty O-4 Line Officer Review Board – I can view a timeline for the release of the selection list by clicking on “Release Process for Board Results” link.
After the official list is released, information about when the promotions will take place will be posted on your service member’s group’s informational page. So, when my husband promotes, we can find out when he’ll “put on” his new rank on the FY-15 Active Duty O-4 Line Officer Review Board page.

A selected service member will “put on” their new rank up to a year after they are selected and they generally will not put on the rank before the October following the review board (October is the beginning of the new fiscal year, I believe). They also will not receive their pay raise until they put on their rank.

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