Military families & travel agents.

My husband and I have been in the planning phases of putting together our honeymoon since we got married 2 years ago. We haven’t taken a honeymoon yet due to our PCS to Japan and multiple deployments in that time, but we finally identified a period of time when he will be able to take leave for our honeymoon.

We decided to hire a travel agent in May, and we ended up working with 2 travel agents. Friends referred me to an expert in exotic luxury travel and my parents referred me to their travel agent. I didn’t plan on talking to both of them longer then a week or two — I just wanted to hear their ideas and then I’d work with the person who was able to book the best honeymoon. I realize that it isn’t common practice to work with two travel agents, but I had a feeling that one of them wouldn’t want to work with a military couple in Japan.

As it turns out, I was doubly correct — NEITHER of them wanted to work with us! First, the luxury expert stopped talking to us after I explained that going to Thailand wasn’t possible because my military husband may not be allowed to vacation in a country where the government is in a state of coup; I suggested that we discuss Bora Bora instead, but he never responded to me after that. The second travel agent stopped talking to us when I committed the cardinal sin of asking too many questions about last minute cancellations (you know, in case my husband has to go to WAR suddenly) and taking too long to get back to her (never mind that it took her a week to respond to MY emails); apparently needing a week or more to discuss our options because my husband is deployed was out of the question for her, even though I explained that we would need extra time from the get-go.

Sorry that it might take us an extra week to make decisions because we don’t have the luxury of long conversations everyday. Sorry that my husband isn’t allowed to travel to a country where there is an ongoing government coup. Sorry that we’re not your average American couple and that you might have to work outside the box with us. /rantover

Luckily, we know someone here who is a travel agent. She can book for us, but, understandably, she isn’t comfortable handling our large budget vacation to a destination where she has no experience booking. I need to figure out everything myself, but she will book it for us. I am extremely thankful for her assistance, but I wish we had a travel agent who had experience in this area of the world and was willing to work with us. I’d love for someone to just tell us where we can afford to stay, book it, and then email us plane tickets.

We hope to spend 5 – 6 nights in the Maldives, followed by 3 – 4 nights in Kuala Lumpur. Please let me know if you can recommend any resorts in the Maldives! I am eyeing 3 resorts right now 🙂 I think we are set with hotels in KL, though I’d love to hear ideas for activities to do while we’re there!

It’s such a shame that this coup is occurring in Thailand. We were all set to go to a resort there for 10 days, but we changed our plans due to the unrest.

It seems that the universe was conspiring to validate my decision to nix the honeymoon plans in Thailand. Today, we service members and dependents received a travel restriction for all personal travel to Thailand! Yes, much could change in the next 7ish months, but do I really want to take the chance and then have to scramble last-minute to find another honeymoon location? Nope!


  1. I haven’t been to the Maldives (I’ll ask around my expat friends though), and we only stayed a couple says in KL but it was awesome! If you can go up in the Petronas Towers to the skybridge, I highly recommend. The view was amazing and the architecture was surreal. Get there early!! Also it’s not exactly “luxurious” but the food stands were AMAZING and way tastier than the fancier restaurants we went to. Oh man I wish we’d stayed longer but we were in Malaysia to dive Sipidan and had to move on pretty quickly. Have fun!!

  2. Oh also, bora bora (French Polynesia in general) isn’t great, it’s no better or worse than any other island but the people are awful and everything is too expensive. I think you made a REALLY good choice. Please write your reviews of where you go!

  3. Im a Naval Aviator spouse and a travel agent and I plan lots of military trips-we are still waiting to take our honeymoon in 2.5 years when he finishes his first sea tour(it will be our 5 year anniversary haha).

    I love your blog so far and I would love to help you plan your honeymoon and I understand the issues that come with being married to some one in the military. Seriously email me-I will not let you down: run a blog too!

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