Confessions of a Milspouse.

A friend directed me to this amazing blog post today, written by “They Call Me Dependent” author Marie Angela. The post is called “Confessions of a Milspouse – I love my husband more then you love yours”, and it’s about perceptions vs reality and the importance of living your life during deployments. This is a lesson that I’ve had to learn a few times over. It’s well written, spot on, and a wonderful read for anyone who is a military significant other, military parent, or even a military child. I hope that you read it!

** Edit
Just adding this wonderful list of the Top 10 Memorial Day Songs, which was compiled by “Taste of Country”. I got teary-eyed just reading some of the song descriptions. Apparently this is an emotional 2nd night of deployment 🙂

Wishing everyone a peaceful Memorial Day with their loved ones. Please take a moment to not only think about those who made the ultimate sacrifice, but to also talk about those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Don’t just spent a moment or 3 thinking about the meaning of Memorial Day, I challenge you to bring up the meaning of Memorial Day in conversation with those around you. While some may view the conversation as a “downer” on festivities, I challenge that person to consider the reason for the “holiday” and to spend a moment in appreciation. If your friend still thinks that you’re being a downer, I challenge you to find a new friend.


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