… and so it begins!

My husband deployed this morning, so I’m leaving shortly to go to the mall with a friend to achieve some instant (consumer) gratification 🙂 I already miss him so much, but I’m doing okay! We had a wonderful few days together and a calm goodbye this morning, which set a really good tone for deployment.

The one good thing that I can say about deployments is that they do, eventually, end. I’m already looking ahead and getting excited for the time that we will spend together after this deployment is over.

Thank you for all the support that this blog’s community has given me recently. I hope that you all have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.

And please, if there is one thing that you can do to commemorate Memorial Day Weekend, please do this: when you’re with family and friends this weekend, please bring up the meaning of Memorial Day. Please initiate a moment of silence, a prayer, a meaningful toast, or a lengthy discussion about those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of the United States of America. Remind those around you that Memorial Day is more then just a 3-day weekend — it’s a time to remember those who went before us and FOR US. It’s a time to teach our children the price of freedom, and that our way of life comes with a human cost. Pour a beer for those who cannot enjoy this weekend with us, set a place for the families of the fallen, and remind your loved ones that brave men and women gave their lives so that we can enjoy these carefree days.


  1. “It’ll end soon, but it’ll take forever to get there” is a popular saying around here during this deployment. Here’s hoping you have as smooth a deployment as possible!

    Running a 5k for the Wounded Warrior Project on Monday here, hopefully with some girls from the squadron, but it’s looking like it will just be me.

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