Badman Week!

This past week was Badman Week – our 2nd here! I can’t believe that we’ve been here just over a year already!! Where does time go?!

Badman Week is a week dedicated to pre-deployment festivities for the air wing. It’s an officer-centric event, but the enlisted service members participate in the sporting events. The staff that my husband is on organizes the whole week: the ball, the cocktail party, the picnic, and squadron vs. squadron, officer vs. officer, and enlisted vs. enlisted sporting events – softball, basketball, volleyball, and golf. The spouses play each other in dodgeball.

On Wednesday night, we have a themed cocktail party, which was 1940s this year. On Friday, we have a air wing picnic following the golf outing. Saturday night is our Badman Ball, since the air wing is usually deployed during the annual Navy Ball.

The week is air wing-centric because the air wing (the squadrons and associated staff) is the only entity on base that deploys. About 2/3 of the base personnel deploy, but 1/3 of the base personnel do not … which is a point of contention here from time to time because those who do not deploy would love to take part in our Badman activities and we do not invite them. This week-long party is a way for those of us who are facing deployment to build squadron rapport and have fun before the deployment begins.

It’s a wonderful week, and this week was even more fun then last year because we are not living in the Lodge and I knew more then 10 people at the events 🙂 My husband refereed the games all week, and I was in charge of our Badman Ball table decor. The tables at the Ball are only for display, as there is no sit-down dinner, but the tables are a HUGE deal! This year, some squadrons had floor-to-ceiling decorations, many of us had light displays, almost all of us featured home made food, drinks, cigars, games, and other fun, interactive displays. One of our squadrons even build a giant Mt Fuji!

I came-up with the idea to do a 4ft free-standing origami crane chandelier on our table. A few of us worked VERY hard on the chandelier and most of our wives folded 80 – 100 cranes. I spent about 30hrs the week of the Ball putting together the final product … and I never want to see an origami crane EVER AGAIN 🙂

Here are some pictures from the events this week. It was a GREAT time, and I hope that we’re here for one more Badman Week next year!!









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