I met a reader last night!

I had a really, really fabulous night last night at the Annual Badman Cocktail Party! Yes, it’s Badman week AGAIN! Where did time go? I’ll post pictures after this hectic, crazy fun week is finally over.

I want to take a moment and shout out the amazing new friend I met last night! She approached me at the cocktail party and told me that she reads me blog, and that my blog saved her relationship with her pilot boyfriend! I met her boyfriend, too, and he also thanked me. I almost cried with happiness because the entire point of my blog is to put information into the public sphere that I think is important. Of course, this is also my personal blog, and I talk about things that matter to me or that are happening in my life, too, but I started this blog with the purpose of telling a story about being a military wife. Some days the story is happy, and some days it is not, but I strive to tell the truth.

When I met my husband, I didn’t have a lot of people to talk to. The few people I had were AMAZING and I was SO LUCKY to have those advisors. The longer my relationship with my husband, the more wonderful military significant others and spouses I met, and the more information I collected. Eventually I was able to sift through the information and distinguish between the important stuff and the garbage. Then, I got the idea to tell the story of the important information and share it with others who want to know about it.

I have all kinds of readers – some are parents of service members, some are significant others and wives of service members, and many are people who are just curious. ALL of my readers are so valuable to me and you all add great things to the conversation. I write for all of you … but I also write for me. The truth is that all the information I give is my version of what is important. This is, in the end, my opinion. Other military bloggers write about other topics … we all have our own version of what should be said and how it should be explained. So, I continue chipping away in my little corner of cyber space.

Friends, military life ain’t always easy. If this blog can make a military relationship or marriage a little bit better, then I’ve done my job. If someone can glean important information from my blog, then I’ve done my job. If information here is pivotal to improving someone’s life, then I’ve done my job. If a few of us can share a laugh or a cry together, then I’ve done my job. If this blog helps someone feel less alone or scared during deployments or along distance relationship, then I’ve done my job.

Thank you SO MUCH to my wonderful new friend for approaching me last night and telling me YOUR story! Maybe someday you can guest blog for me? I’d love that, and perhaps your story will help another military significant other, too 🙂

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