I lifted a BMW 3 Series TWICE today.

I am very proud of myself today.

It was leg day, and my trainer started my workout with deadlifts, which is my favorite lift. Over the past 4 months of working with her, I’ve gone from struggling with the 20lb bar to lifting the 60lb bar. When I was very fit and did CrossFit in my 20s, I also loved deadlifts, but I never lifted more then 55lbs regularly, and my max lift was around 90lbs.

Today, my trainer graduated me from the petite, preloaded bars to the “real” bars – the big, 45lb bars that are manually loaded with weight … and she started me at 75lbs!

After doing 10 75lb deadlifts without even breathing hard, she moved me to 85lbs … and then 95lbs! I completed 4 x 10 with 85lbs, then 4 x 10 with 95lbs! Holy hell, folks, I lifted 7200 POUNDS! This may not sound like much to some of you super fit people, but lifting 7200lbs as a warm-up to my workout is astounding to me.

I lifted 3.6 TONS! That’s the same as lifting a BMW 3 Series 2.25 times!

I’m feeling very strong and accomplished today!

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