Hey, It’s Okay Tuesday … on Friday.

I haven’t done a post like this in a LONG time, but I just saw this post on my WordPress Reader, which inspired me to write a “Hey, It’s Okay” post tonight. She’s the originator, she gets credit, and her “Hey, It’s Okay” posts always make me smile 🙂

So, here goes …

Hey, It’s Okay:

– If you don’t do things on time, all the time. Hey, it’s okay that it’s not Tuesday, right?

– If you couldn’t care less about Oscar Pistorius. It sounds like a case of domestic violence to me, and I change the channel every time information about his trial comes on.

– If you think the technology that cable news networks use is stupid-fancy. I’m currently watching a news anchor stand on what appears as a spinning globe. Really? You couldn’t show me the Indian Ocean on the wall behind you?

– If you’re not giving up gluten, dairy, sugar, tomatoes, shampoo, or whatever the latest trend is. I have too many food allergies to be giving up foods willy-nilly. I miss out on so much good stuff: mangos, all exotic fruits, anything that originates in the ocean (except salmon and tuna), milk products, latex (not that I eat latex, but this one is particularly problematic), and the list is ever-expanding.

– If you are a little nervous about this Crimea business. Just heard that Russia is sending fighter jets to Belarus.

– If you too mix-up words when you’re tired. I’m getting my Masters degree in Anatomy & Physiology, and I just spent 10 minutes talking to a friend about her trapezoid muscle. /Fail.

Airing My Dirty Laundry


  1. Oh man. I’m allergic to latex too and it’s the WORST. When I worked in a clinical setting I was always the “problem” person making them order non-latex gloves when latex was cheaper, like I just invented it to be an inconvenience. No actually, I just don’t want to have a nasty rash at the end of the day!

    Also, I really like the idea of this post!

    1. ME TOO. When I was in nursing school, one of my clinical instructors tried to fail me during a lab simulation because I didn’t put on latex gloves. Instead of putting on the latex gloves that we provided in the sterile kit, I mimed putting them on. When I explained that I couldn’t put on the latex gloves, she got even angrier! Evidently I should have put on the latex gloves even though it would have elicited a possibly life-threatening response. I hope that particular lab instructor has been fired by now … she wins the terrible-person contest.

      1. Ugh, that’s terrible!!! Maybe I’m just crazy, but I think it would be the goal of someone teaching future healthcare professionals to NOT try to create unnecessary medical emergencies. Maybe?

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