The USA Bucket List.

As we wonder how many more months we have in this beautiful country, I am beginning to think about what it will be like to transition to living in the United States. American friends, I have a confession — I am not looking forward to moving back! I’ve grown to love this amazing country for all that it is and all that I am here. I also love our little base and I have made so many valuable and wonderful friends here.

We also wonder if my husband will join a deployment. Our luck would dictate that he would, of course, get billeted to a squadron that is just leaving for a 9-12mo deployment when we arrive. My fellow military wives are undoubtedly nodding their heads and collectively rolling their eyes with me.

As I look ahead to moving back to the States, I am beginning to contemplate what my life will be like in this “new” place, and how I can best utilize my time there. Something I’ve learned as a military wife is that my time is limited in every location. My priority, other then living the best life possible with my husband, is to take advantage of all that the area has to offer. Since we do not know where we will be going next, I’m compiling a list of general bucket list items that I’d like to do in my new home.

A few immediate things come to mind:
– drink at least a gallon of pumpkin spice decaf lattes as soon Starbucks & Wawa roll it out for the fall season
– enjoy at least 1 shamrock shake per day for a solid week every March
– take a gun safety course (I’ve talked about this before – you don’t have to own or like guns to take a course, and knowing how a gun works could save your life or the life of a loved one some day. Everyone should know how to operate/”safe” a firearm)
– volunteer my time with a veteran or wounded warrior organization regularly and often
– join the Order of the Eastern Star
– do a happy dance every time I can watch a live broadcast of American news
– SHOP. Even if it’s just window shopping, I can’t wait to go to Target, Nordstrom, and Laura Mercier
– start a memory wall of all the places we have lived with the military

Also wanted to mention this link that is going viral on FB. It is written by a fellow Naval aviation spouse about the importance of us military spouses refraining from discussing disasters before the service members’ families are notified. I couldn’t agree more with her sentiment. Social media is a powerful, positive thing for us military spouses. It’s a quick and easy way for us to get information or to get the word out about something. On the other hand, we must always be careful to maintain OPSEC and PERSEC, as well as ensuring that no family finds out about their loved one’s death via social media. We should always allow the military to make the first notification.

It’s not an easy thing to do – we panic when we hear of a crash, explosion, or other disaster that could potential affect our loved one. It’s almost knee-jerk to post on social media to crowdsource for more information. Usually we post because we want information about OUR service member – we want another wife from our command who knows more then us to tell us that our husband is safe. On the other hand, during our panicked search for more information, we could inadvertently tell another military family that their service member has passed away. None of us want to do that, of course, so her post is a reminder for all of us to be calm and make good decisions, even in moments of understandable panic and worry.


  1. Omg. Move to Washington. I can totally help with some of the list. I own and shoot several types of guns, I work at a Starbucks now, and I happen to like shopping!

    1. I hope hope hope hope that we will be in Washington next. We heard a rumor that my husband is being requested up there, so hopefully the Navy will make it happen for us!!!!! It’s our top choice.

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