Memorial Day: when we remember their sacrifice, our heroes live forever.

One of my great passions is raising money for military charities.

When we move back to the United States, I plan to get involved with a fundraising organization. The Wounded Warrior Project was my first inspiration. Someone who was once important to me became gravely wounded in combat, and I learned first-hand the importance of organizations that support our warriors and their families. Now, as a military wife, I see their importance on a daily basis – including this family who lost their husband and father on 1 March. Nothing compares to the sacrifices of our service members and our Gold Star Families. Can you imagine sending your husband to war for 10 months, and never seeing him again? Can you imagine the confusion and heartache that a child must feel when their parent goes away and never comes back?

I become choked-up when I think of our service members and their families who have made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our American way of life.

I mentioned previously that I plan to do a Memorial Day Murph workout to honor the ultimate sacrifice that LT Michael Murphy made to save the lives of his teammates. In doing so, I will also honor the sacrifice of all service members – those who gave all, and those who give some everyday. A few of my wife friends have committed to doing the workout with me. I plan to register and donate (here) through Forged clothing, an American clothing line that is a great supporter of the foundation and our American service members.

Today, I found another wonderful Memorial Day-focused organization, called Carry The Load. If you click on that link, you can read their story. It struck a chord with me — so many people do not honor the spirit of Memorial Day. Memorial Day is MORE then a day off of work or a day to party with friends — it is a day to honor those who gave their lives to ensure our freedom to continue our way of life.

If I sound like a broken record, it’s because I truly and sincerely believe in these causes. I see the NEED for them and the GOOD WORK that they do.

On this Memorial Day, friends back in the States, I challenge you to DO SOMETHING this Memorial Day Weekend. You could volunteer in your community. You could donate to one of these charities and walk a mile or do the Murph workout. You could thank your local service members: the police, EMTs, and fire department workers who put their lives on the line FOR YOU EVERY SINGLE DAY. You could do a Memorial 5k in your community. You could buy 100 small American flags and leave them at the graves of those buried in military graveyards (you probably live within 15 minutes of one!).

Most importantly, I challenge you to bring up the meaning of Memorial Day while you’re standing around the bbq with your loved ones. Reminding others of the sacrifices that have been made in our honor is perhaps the most important form of remembrance.

When we remember their sacrifice, our heroes live forever.

Heroes wear combat boots


  1. a) Thank you for this post.
    b) Are you familiar with Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America?
    A friend of mine works with them, it’s not a charity per se but they do a lot of good things for veterans, especially those going through the transition from military to civilian life.

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