The comfortable quiet.

I am enjoying a very quiet night 4 of my husband’s absence. Wait, did I just say that I’m enjoying a night that he’s away? Yes, this happened. I don’t know when or how, but I’ve grown into this “coming and going” thing. The parting still kills me inside, but once he is gone and I have a few moments to gather myself, I am a-okay. It’s amazing.

It’s not all rainbows and sunbeams, as I had an awful day and I really could have used some hugs and kisses when it was all said and done, but things are really okay here. I feel solidly on track with my fitness stuff, and I’m even moving into a new eating pattern that will help me have more energy at the gym. I’m absolutely slaughtering cardio at the moment, and I am going to run a mile next week to see how my cardio is progressing. My semester is still crazy, but I’m determined to get my shit together this week and over the weekend. I’m an absolute basket case with all the responsibilities I have with our wives club (seriously, I don’t know when I became so important, but I don’t like it!), and I’m feeling enormous pressure there.

However, I’m okay. Tonight was lovely, and I prepared myself a great meal followed by a dessert of mandarin oranges (one of my favorite foods ever). The dog I am dog sitting is snoring under my feet. Things are okay in the universe.

I am loving a few songs recently, and here are a few. If you have any good work-out play list songs, please leave me a comment with the song title and artist! I hope that you’re enjoying your Wednesday, friends!

^^^ Rihanna was ridiculous back then! Those earrings! LOL!

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