Welcome to Japan! <3, the Wives

I recently transitioned from my spouses’ club Treasurer to “Sunshine Person”, which is a silly name for the person who is in charge of welcoming new families and planning our club social engagements. It’s a perfect job for me, as I love to plan parties and meet new people. As part of welcoming new families, I organize a collection of food, cleaning supplies, life supplies, etc, for the family while they live in temporary housing. I’ve been doing this job unofficially and officially for about 16 weeks, and in that time I’ve welcomed 6 or 7 families, with two more arriving in the next week. I’m basically on the fast track to becoming a welcoming expert 😉

I’m so thrilled with the group of ladies who make up our spouses’ club — they’re all so kind, generous, social, and involved, and they make my job of collecting donations so easy. Less then 48hrs ago, I found out that a geobachelor was arriving today (geobachelor is the term we use for a man who is married but living apart from his wife due to his job). In less then 48hrs, everyone in the club mobilized and dropped-off tons of beer, snacks, frozen dinners, laundry supplies, beef jerky, and all kinds of awesome things that a “single” guy would like.

Here is the list of suggested donations that I use as the basis for every collection:

Recommended Donations:
A prepared dinner dish
A baked item
Snacks (popcorn, granola bars, beef jerky, etc are all great ideas)
Paper plates
Paper towels
Peanut Butter & Jelly
Handsoap (liquid)
Clorox wipes
Beer & wine
Frozen meals
Laundry detergent
Laundry basket

Even though none of the ladies in our spouses’ club know about my blog, I want to give them a huge shout-out for being so kind, generous, and giving. There are usually a few bad apples in every spouses’ club, but I can honestly say that we don’t have any bad apples. None. It’s the stuff of miracles, rainbows, and dreams.

So, THANK YOU to all of the ladies in our spouses’ club! YOU ARE AWESOME.

Today I worked out with my trainer for the first time since I left for Hawaii 2 weeks ago, and I’m shocked that I’m not more sore yet. It’s a good thing that she doesn’t know about this blog too, because otherwise I’d suffer extra tomorrow 😉 I am getting very strong — it’s crazy to feel this way. So far, my back and my butt are the only places where my muscles show, but I’m hopeful with a tightened-up diet, things are going to change dramatically. I’ll never look like a fitness model like my trainer – I just don’t have her genetics – but I’d like to look like I workout. I put WAY too much time in the gym to look soft 😉 After my 60 minute lifting session with her today, I did a 60 minute cardio session on the elliptical. I’m going to do some nutrition counseling with her in the next few weeks, which should significantly help. Because of my high level of training with her, she will continue my pattern of consuming at least 2500 cal/day, which is what I need to maintain my energy in the gym, but during the nutrition counseling she will suggest a few changes for sure … probably different snacks during the day and changing the content of some of my dinners. I think that a few small changes will initiate big changes over time.

Here is a photo of my haul for the geobachelor today:


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