“AFN” by Dos Gringos.

While out having sushi with my husband and the single guys he works with tonight, I learned of this AMAZING SONG that is all about AFN. For those of you who have not experienced all the epic brilliance of the Armed Forces Network (AFN), here’s the low-down: all forward deployed service members and their dependents (yes, those of us in Japan are considered forward deployed!) who live on a military installation receive 5 – 10 free channels that are programmed by the Armed Forces Network. They show sporting events, cable news, tv series, etc, usually re-timed so that American “prime time” is in the prime time slots at the forward deployed military installation. Sounds great, right??

Well, there’s the wonderful caveat … and that is that AFN only shows it’s own commercials. Most of these commercials are public service announcements about how to not make poor life decisions. Additionally, they run random information ads (like, for example, Wisconsin is the cheese state! <– this is real). It's really difficult to explain, but if you CLICK ON THIS LINK, not only will you be able to see one of AFN’s classic commercials, you can also hear the song that Dos Gringos wrote about our beloved AFN.

Dos Gringos are Air Force F-16 pilots. You can read their full story on their website (link below).

If you enjoy “AFN”, check them out on YouTube or on their website!

Have a great day!

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