Being good to each other.

Just a thoughtful reminder to myself and everybody else in the military significant other community to be good to each other, especially this holiday season. We may not always agree and we may not share common interests outside of the military, but we are on the same team and we are all fighting our own personal battles.

This week, I’ve been reminding myself (sometimes, hourly!) that most of the women here have a deployed husband. Some of us are struggling more then others, or we struggle in different ways, but we are all struggling and we are all stressed. I am trying very hard to keep a smile on my face and maintain a good attitude toward everybody. It’s not easy, but I am doing my best!

I am also reminding myself that we are all at different places on this military spouse journey. There was a big party last night for our outgoing SOW (superior officer’s wife). She does SO much for our spouse group, yet only 3 of us showed up, and I could tell that our SOW was a little disappointed that only the 3 of us (out of a group of 12) showed up. I was annoyed that the other ladies didn’t show up, but then I reminded myself that everyone has their own issues, everyone is struggling, and everyone is on their own journey. Not everyone is going to see the importance of attending events such as these, not everyone values what our SOW does for us, and some may not give a hoot. Maybe some were busy, too. I don’t have to like it or respect it, but I don’t have to allow it to bother me. I can choose to look past it and continue to have a good relationship with the no-show ladies.

I’m trying very hard to keep things like this in perspective this week and next, especially as we enter Thanksgiving week without our deployed loved ones or friends/family near enough to visit. This will be a very tough week for many. I will try to be extra good to people around base this week. We are all struggling, and we all are in different places on this military spouse journey.

Personally, I have plans with a girl friend to go to a fancy restaurant on Thanksgiving and partake in foodie gluttony, so I am excited that this week is here!

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