Getting ready to say goodbye … for the 7th time!

My husband’s short stint at home is rapidly drawing to a close. As I type this, I am listening to the sound of F-18s roar down the runway next to my house. It’s a sound that I will never take for granted, because to hear F-18s is to know that my husband is home.

I’m preparing myself to say goodbye for the 7th time during this deployment — the 7th time in 8 months. So much coming and going, and I am so thankful for all the random time together, especially this very unexpected week at home 🙂 I am including the 19 day, 2 part stint in Iwo in this deployment because I think those were the most difficult days that we spent apart – no phone, no email, no communication, period. 19 days is a long, long time when there is radio silence. Much respect to my sub wife friends — I don’t know how you do it for whole deployments, but you do, and I am so thankful that you do!

I don’t have a lot to say or add to the military wife conversation at the moment, but I do have a few fun and interesting links that I’d love to share.

The first is a link to an article about another n3rd — except this guy is a football n3rd, and his interest in the application of stats in his football coaching plan is awesome. The Coach Who Never Punts

The second is a link to the blog of a yogi who amazes me with her flexibility and inspires me to try yoga! Anything you can do, I can do almost.

The third is a YouTube video of my favorite contemporary non-mainstream musician, Anoushka Shankar. I love her father’s music (Ravi Shankar, recently deceased). It turns out that my husband went to school with Anoushka (crazy, right?!). I love India: visiting, the food, the music, the clothes, and the vibe, so I listen to Indian music, too (from Bollywood musical numbers to classical Indian music). Actually, when I was in high school, my friends called me a reverse coconut, because I am white on the outside and brown on the inside 😉 Haha. I drove my Indian boyfriend crazy because I would jump at opportunities to attend Indian cultural events with his mom and he haaaated going. So funny. Anyway, here is Anoushka playing a beautiful Flamenco number:

It’s about time for me to get ready for my personal training/lifting session! This is only my 2nd session, and I am severely suffering from my first session. Getting back into heavy lifting after several years away is not a pretty or easy thing, however it is worth doing! My coach is a total badass, and super professional and amenable to working towards goals that I set. So far, my only two goals for the next 12 months are: to be able to do multiple unassisted pull ups and to be able to do awesome handstand yoga poses. I’m more inspired by being able to do awesome feats of fitness then I am by looking a certain way, so I’ll keep heading in this direction … whatever keeps me motivated!

Have a wonderful day, friends!


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