USA vacation update #2.

I’ve been home a full week already, and I still have 11 more days here, but I really would like another month here! I don’t want to go back to Japan! No offense to Japan, but it’s pretty nice living at home with my parents for a little while and enjoying all the awesomeness of the United States. I’ve gone on looooong walks everyday in the beautiful, crisp weather; I’ve eaten more pumpkin donuts then I care to admit, but I haven’t consumed nearly enough pumpkin lattes; I’ve watched hours and hours of glorious American television IN REAL TIME, and I am still laughing at all the dumb commercials; I’ve spent hours of time with my favorite cat; I’ve seen friends, and I have plans to see a few more before I leave; I went to the local Nordstrom and spent many minutes totally overwhelmed by ALL THE OPTIONS IN MY SIZE; I have plans to go to Flyers game next week; I’ve caught up with lots of friends in the States by phone or IM – it’s magical how easy it is to talk when you’re in a similar time zone; I’m getting my nose re-pierced tomorrow; and ohmyword there is an advertisement for Thor on tv right now, and I do love me a whole lot of Thor!

I have big plans for the rest of the week – dinner and drinks with my mom and her girl friends tomorrow night, NYC on Wednesday, my birthday on Thursday, and Philly on Friday and Saturday! I am a little sad that I probably won’t have time to go to Princeton, to a pumpkin patch, or to a movie, but I will have to make up for that next time I’m home. I’ve crossed everything but those 3 items off my to-do list, so I am good!

I’m also making plans for my short stay in San Diego with my inlaws. An old friend is coming down from Camp Pendleton to do a day trip to Coronado, my favorite place on Planet Earth and my former home. The wives of my husband’s high school friends and I are having brunch together. I will have hours of quality time with my inlaws and my wonderful NORMA! Ah, I can’t wait to hug her and take hundreds of pictures to send to my husband!

Speaking of my husband, things are a lot better now. After voicing my feelings, he made it a huge point to talk to me a lot more recently. By “talk”, I mean that we IM via email, which is more then most people get, so I’m not complaining. We’ve been talking a lot about my career recently, which is a change. We are normally very focused on his career, as his is the one paying the bills. I found a fabulous program at MIT that I’d REALLY, REALLLY like to apply to, but there are some serious geographical issues involved with living in Boston (namely, there aren’t any jobs for my husband in or near Boston!). I could possibly apply to go to MIT if he was ever at the Naval Post-Graduate School in Providence, but we would still be living apart or together but very distant from our respective schools. We’ll see. He would like me to do to the program too because it would be super helpful for my future career, as he has dreams of being a stay-at-home dog dad and full time video game player, but we’ll see. Being a military family means being flexible, so we’ll see what we can make happen!

Here are a few photos from the last few days. Enjoy!















    1. Ahhh, I’d LOVE to meet up! I’ll be there from Nov 1 – 4 🙂 If not this time, I plan to come back to the States during my husband’s deployment next year, too. I’ll probably be around in Sept/Oct again, and I’ll definitely be in SD for at least a few days. I’ll be just down the road in Carlsbad!

      1. Oh, that’s a longer visit than I thought! My parents might be coming down that weekend (still pending jury duty for my mom), but if they don’t come I’ll be free all weekend. Maybe we could meet up for coffee if you have free time. It would pretty last minute, I know.

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