A little sunshine.

I needed a little sunshine today. I present you with a few uplifting memes that I’ve seen floating around the internet, Reddit, and Facebook. I wasn’t able to find sources for all of them to give credit where it is due, so feel free to take credit if they are, in fact, your memes and pictures. Enjoy 🙂

Rhiannon is a Celtic Goddess of fertility, the moon, night and death

Old Grief

Make Things Right

Don't Worry

Behind Every Successful Woman

7 Cardinal Rules of Life

3 Things Matter

And, who doesn’t love a picture of a patriotic corgi?! Here’s my little fluff ball, Norma:






    1. I love that link! Thank you! 🙂 Cats are super awesome too — I miss mine! She lives with my parents. She has agoraphobia (seriously), and cannot be taken out of the house. She hyperventilates and passes out if she is taken outside, so she will be living out the rest of her life with them 😦

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