In case of a government shutdown …

… don’t fret until you’ve read THIS!

If you’re a federal employee, a service member, a retired service member, or anyone who relies on the federal government for your paycheck, you’re probably as concerned as I am about the possibility of a government shutdown.

It seems as if our “leaders” won’t lead, or are too inept/selfish/narcissistic to govern, so we are quickly moving toward a paycheckless and very uncertain moment.

I’m filing this post under “terrorism” because I feel like I’m watching people willfully and systematically strive to shut down our government. If that’s not terrorism, I don’t know what is.

I’m not going to say too much more about this topic right now, as it fires me up too much and I need to go to bed! Ha.

Goodnight, friends! More to come soon 🙂 I’ve been crazy busy with school, but I promise to post very soon!!


  1. This happened a few years ago and everyone freaked out, but they passed it in time. I’ve been told it happens every few years, but I think only once in the past was it not passed in time (don’t quote me on that).

      1. !es, it definitely sucks that we even have to worry about not getting paid! But from what I remember reading when this happened a few years ago, it’s not something that will likely actually to happen.

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