Good news – he’s still home 🙂 We’ve had a really wonderful almost 2 weeks together, which is why I’ve been MIA all this time. I am SO thankful that we’ve had this time together, especially since we were able to belatedly celebrate our 1st year anniversary. Since we’ve had so much quality time so far, I’m feeling okay about the upcoming 2nd half of deployment.

Oh yes, he’s going back out to sea! If you thought that this deployment was short, you were right because it’s not over yet!

This mid-cruise break is one of the reasons that we were excited to come to Japan. Japanese-based deployments afford us the opportunity to see each other a few times throughout the deployment, unlike any other US Naval surface warfare deployment (I’m including all aircraft carrier-based aviator deployments in this category, since they’re on a ship). The trade-off is that he’s gone much more frequently on deployments here then if he were stationed elsewhere, so he’s not home for very long between deployments. The only issue with this break is that the 2nd half of this deployment is going to be longer and I will see him a lot less. But, hey, I GET TO SEE HIM, so I’ll take it. We are very lucky with this deployment schedule, and we will not be so lucky with future deployments. Despite the draw down in Afghanistan, the Naval surface warfare deployments are getting longer and longer, and there may only be one very short opportunity for us to see each other during future deployments (unless, of course, we come back here).

Anyway, we’ve had a great 2 weeks! The first week that he was home was very low-key. We ate-out a lot, slept-in a lot, and spent a lot of time catching up on television shows and movies that he missed. He has been cooking a lot because I’ve been really sick (figures!). We’ve had more then our share of waffles and favorite meals, and we’ve eaten a ton of sushi at our favorite restaurants. We spent last weekend at the Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary, which was a total blessing to get away from base, forget that he’s leaving again soon, and to reconnect and relax. My parents upgraded us to the club level for our anniversary, so we didn’t even leave the hotel while we were there! We either had room service or ate at the club, we spent a lot of hours just hanging out in the club, and on Saturday morning we went to their Dom Perignon brunch (SO GOOD, btw!).

That’s it for me for now. I’m going to post about the Friends and Family Day that we attended on the boat in a few days … I promise … I have so many badass pictures of jets, submarines, cruisers, and the carrier that I can’t wait to share. I need to get ready to go to a baseball game tonight. My Japanese English student is taking my husband and me. Unfortunately, today is rife with low-rumbling but long-lived earthquakes and pouring, pounding rain. I’ve never seen it rain so hard for so long! Apparently every September is like this because it’s typhoon season. Hopefully the baseball game still happens tonight! We are watching Yokohama vs. Osaka (I think!).

Have a good day, everyone 🙂

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