Things I do in Japan: episode 3.

I observed a funny phenomenon yesterday when walking to a friend’s house. As I walked down my street, a group of 6 women walked past me. I could hear them from almost a block away because they were having an extremely animated conversation about … mowing their lawns.

All of us who live in apartments on base have a small, fenced-in yard that we are responsible for mowing, regardless of whether we use it or if it’s even useable. It’s a HUGE pain in the butt because very few of us own lawn mowers or, for that matter, care to mow a lawn. Smart teenagers run lawn care services, but it’s cheaper to mow our own if we can get our hands on a mower.

Anyway, 6 well dressed young women were walking down the street last night, excitedly talking about mowing their lawns with the enthusiasm that most women our age have for discussing going out for a girls’ night. Apparently one of them owns a push mower, and they were setting their cell phone alarm clocks as they walked so that they could all wake up early and mow their lawns before it got too hot the next morning.

Living on base is really weird sometimes.


  1. I got a good laugh out of this one! I can’t imagine a group of girls getting excited about mowing the lawn! I mean I to mow the lawn since I like man chores better than woman chores (i.e. housework, dishes, cooking, eww.)
    though I don’t think I’d like to mow a tiny lawn or one that’s fenced, that sounds difficult!

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