Military significant other blogroll and lots of other awesome blogs.

Hi Readers –

I love reading all of your blogs, and I’d love to spread the love to everyone who reads my blog, too. If you comment on this post, I’ll post your blog name and link on this post. You don’t have to comment today (Monday) to have your blog linked here. I’ll post your blog whenever you comment.

Anyone can comment – whether you write a blog about being a military spouse or not. I follow a lot of really awesome blogs about corgis, cooking, having babies, fitness, flying jets, and even a movie blog or two. Also, I’d love to follow everyone who follows me, so at the very least, you’ll get a follow back from me, if I haven’t followed you already.

I hope that everyone had or is having a nice Monday! I have a cicada the size of my palm trying to break through my balcony sliding door, so it’s pretty much a fantastic Monday night here -_-

Love Where You Land – a fellow Navy wife in Japan
Bless Your Heart and the USA – an Air Force wife
Strong Hearted Woman – The Life of a Sailor’s Wife – a Navy wife
Gwendolyn Rose – an adorable corgi/Navy dog tells it like it is!
The Simple Life of a Navy Wife – a Navy wife
Coffee and Jet Planes – a Navy significant other


  1. My dog freaks out about those cicadas! I have finally started letting him out to eat them so he’ll settle down. I hear they’re nutritious. 😉 Oh, and this is great that you’re doing this!

    1. For some reason I can’t reply to your last comment. Anyway – ankle is better and I’m also just trying to stay busy. I’m wondering where your husband deploys and if our husbands are together. Are you on Facebook? I don’t want to post any deployment info here, since my blog is open to the general public. I’d love to fly down on a Space A flight sometime in September or early October. I keep hearing that Okinawa is fabulous, and that you have a BEACH!

      1. Glad to hear you’re feeling better! My hubby isn’t deployed, but as a C-130 pilot he goes on frequent detachments for exercises all over the world. I agree that Facebook would be better because I’m also careful about that! Can you email me your name so I can find you? Email is And yes! You should totally space a here- it is gorgeous and has the best beaches I’ve ever seen! 🙂

  2. Oh I absolutely hate those things!! So creepy and LOUD. I always enjoy reading your posts!

    1. GAH! How could I forget the most wonderful little creature on Earth?! Edited and your blog has been added, Miss Gwen and Mom! 😉 I hope that you’re able to get some sleep tonight – I’m thinking about you two!

  3. I enjoy following your blog. I have found a lot of up lifting post. :). Also weird how I posted a similar blog like this today. Great minds 😀

  4. I have really enjoyed following your blog! I am new to the blogosphere and about to be a new navy wife. I find your posts to be very informative for other spouses!

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