Strong wife friends to the rescue.

Today is July 5th in Japan, and yesterday our July 4th celebrations were rained-out. So, my friend Courtney and I decided to run errands, including picking up my new futon from Nitori, a local home goods store. When I purchased the futon a week ago, I was told that the futon came in several pieces, and that I could unpack the pieces and carry them up the stairs to my 2nd floor walk-up. NBD, right?


Yes, the futon came in 3 pieces. One box contained the ottoman. The second box contained the detachable armrest. The 3rd box was everything else … you know … the whole couch, all 300lbs of it, fully assembled.

Luckily my friend and neighbor Sarah was home and was able to help … but carrying the couch upstairs was fraught with difficulties. First of all, it began pouring as soon as we unboxed the futon. Of COURSE it did. Then, we had to carry it with a specific tilt so that the drawers “under” the couch wouldn’t slam open, but of course the specific tilt that prevented the drawers from opening also made it so that the back of the futon was slamming around, and constantly changing the center of gravity of the futon …

Finally, the only way that we could carry it up the stairs was to have Courtney at the top end, Sarah at the bottom end, and me in the middle, parallel to the futon and holding the top in one position. Once we got it up all 400 steps (okay, it was probably more like 30, but it felt like 400!) and into the apartment, we were able to slide it on the floor to the bedroom.

Phew, right?!

Sarah went home because Courtney and I figured that we could handle the futon ourselves from there. However, the futon was just large enough that it would get stuck every time we tried to swerve it through the hallway and into the bedroom. We got the back of the futon stuck in the up-position (oops), so the futon got stuck in the doorway a few times before we were finally able to maneuver it into the room.

The futon looks GREAT and I can’t wait until we have our first overnight guest so that they can test it out!

Besides the futon, I’ve gotten a few things done around the house recently – notably putting-up some wall organizational things and getting the spare bedroom curtains put up. I already worked out this morning, so my plan for today is to continue working on the spare room and then head over to the fireworks on base tonight. I’ll probably also go see a movie with friends tonight 🙂

Michael and I have been able to email everyday so far. He’s pretty busy, so some days we email more then others, but he’s doing well! Last night I made hotel reservations to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary!!! I can’t believe that it’s coming up so soon! We’re so excited.

Here are some pictures of the apartment, the futon, my very patriotic puppy, the numerous burns on my arm from our awkward oven, and the funniest picture that I’ve seen in a LONG time – that’s a cat getting a bath (thanks, Reddit!):









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